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Neighbourcare St John’s Wood and Maida Vale began in the mid 1970s but nobody now knows exactly when.  It was an initiative of the Baptist Church in St John’s Wood Road. It rapidly developed relationships with other local places of worship.  

Although these relationships have flourished over the years, Neighbourcare is not tied to any particular faith.  Many of our volunteers and those we serve have no faith at all.



Our main activities are one-to-one befriending of isolated people (mostly elderly) and taking these and others on outings in our minibus.  Go to our activities page for more detail.

At the last count we had 66 "active" volunteers (“active" for us means  regular contacts about every fortnight at least).  They were befriending 99 people.  Volunteers are from all adult age groups and many nations, they speak a wide variety of languages and do or have done many different kinds of jobs.  They are not normally hoping to mention Neighbourcare work on forthcoming CVs. All are Data and Barring service checked on joining.

During 2019/20 we did over 4 outings per week in our two minibuses.  Our ideal group for an outing is 8  people but at a pinch we can go up to 12. Since the pandemic we have reduced the normal number of passenger to 6.

Neighbourcare is entirely volunteer-run. We have no paid staff, although we do hire drivers to ensure our two minibuses aren’t standing idle too often.


Neighbourcare St John's Wood and Maida Vale

Registered charity number:  1087571

Tel: 0207 586 5153


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