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Sometimes it’s useful to have help on an outing – especially if we have two wheelchairs to push. If this is something you’d like to do, ring us on 0207 586 5153.


"We went to the 2023 Tea Dance at Grosvenor House"

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Neighbourcare currently has two minibuses and we use them to do 3 to 4 outings a week (on average).


To be invited on the outings you first have to fill up and return our questionnaire (click here).


You can see what kinds of outings we do by looking at the questionnaire.


When completing it, try to choose a moment when you’re feeling good (or at least try to remember what feeling good was like). Tick as much as possible – anything you don’t tick, you won’t get invited to.


Don’t be put off if you need a wheelchair. We have two spaces for wheelchairs on each minibus. If you can use a fixed seat we may be able to carry your wheelchair folded or your walker if that is what you use.


Once you’re on the outing list, we’ll ring you from time to time and invite you. The phone call usually comes between 3 and 1 days before the event. People who find it hard to get out alone will tend to get more invites. You will also tend to get more invites if you normally say “yes”.


You will pay any charges for entry tickets, food, etc.  We also welcome donations towards the cost of running the minibus.

Neighbourcare St John's Wood and Maida Vale

Registered charity number:  1087571

Tel: 0207 586 5153


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